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Valentine's Day


WHAT if ...?       Logistik



-Do you like finding facts on your own? 
 -Would you be interested in learning even more?

-Är du vetgirig? -Vill du lära dig mer? 
 -Tycker du om att själv
finna fakta & kunskap?







-The worst error ever been made by a human was simply 'not trying hard enough'!




-Hur fungerar det ena eller andra
 -How does this or that work?

-You don't have to be the inquiring kind,
putting your foot
into everything & anything, to have an inquiring mind.
-Common sense still counts

The CNET Investor 


All Tech Headlines



www.diu.se - Datorn i utbildningen, en datorpedagogisk tidskrift för skolan 

SvD-Svenska Dagbladet-NÄRINGSLIVSFAKTA-Business and industry info-FAKTA

Dagens Industri -Covers industry and industrial matters in Sweden

CNN Europa

Free Online Country Radio

-Översättningshjälp LEXIKON


U.S. Industry & Trade    

How Stuff Works   


About California

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