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The Most Excellent Country House: the glorious Ayrshire home of Fay and Graham Cowan, Glenapp Castle...
Glenapp is an experience rather than just a hotel and as you turn in through the castle gates, Glenapp stands proudly in front of you imposing, exciting and inviting.



Balfour Castle
Borthwick Castle
Castle Stuart
Castle Venlaw
Comlongon Castle
Culcreuch Castle
Dalhousie Castle
Fernie Castle
Glenapp Castle
Glengarry Castle
Glengorm Castle
Inverlochy Castle
Kildrummy Castle
Myres Castle
Plane Castle
Stonefield Castle

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Welcome to the Gazetteer for Scotland

The Gazetteer for Scotland is a vast geographical database, featuring details of towns, villages, bens and glens from the Scottish Borders to the Northern Isles. The first comprehensive gazetteer produced for Scotland since 1885, it includes tourist attractions, industries and historic sites, together with histories of family names and biographies of famous people associated with Scotland. The network of connections between all of these entries make this gazetteer unique.

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Glenmorangie Stills



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Example from Map 94


Accommoation when in Scotland - Var ska man bo?

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Home of Kilts etc.


Sample Tartan List

Austin (Keith, Marshall) A/M
Black Watch (Htg Grant) M
Boyd M
Bruce M
Buchanan Htg # M
Cameron Of Erracht M
Campbell Of Argyll# (See Note) A/M
Cooper A/M
Cornish Htg M
Cornish National
Douglas A/M
Fraser Clan A
Fraser Htg A
Galbraith (Mitchell, Russell) A/M
Gordon Clan A/M
Gordon Dress M
Grant Htg (Black Watch) M
Gunn A/M
Hamilton Htg M
Henderson M
Hunter M
Isle Of Skye
Johnstone A/M
Keith (Austin, Marshall) A/M
Kerr M
Lamont M
Lindsay M



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Kilts by Ecossais Glenshee Woollens Scottish Dougie McLaren leisurewear North Ronaldsay ...



Search the biographies of 800+ of Scotland's leading individuals from the world of politics, business, academia, sport, entertainment and more...


-"We look to Scotland for all our ideas
of civilisation." (said by Voltaire)

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Edinburgh Pub Guide 
Nicely detailed site. If you've never been to Edinburgh, it's a cracking place with loads of good pubs.

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