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Desktop PCs, Workstations, or laptops..?


Interested in studying Computer Science at top universities?

Computer Science & Information Systems

The 30 Best Computer Science Programs

UK universities to study computer science

KTH - Royal Institute of Technology

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Datorn i undervisningen...

Redan 1997 skrevs detta debattinlägg
i tidskriften Datorn i undervisningen
Nr 1/97



-"When it comes to computer research and education Carnegie Mellon is the best university in the world.
Carnegie Mellon has been in the information processing business for half a century.
Under the leadership of Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon it has moved energetically
to make information processing its intellectual center.
In the process we helped create the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence,
introduced a scientific approach into business management ,
and injected the information processing approach into psychology."-



Computer Literacy at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech, Computer Courses  



Computer Literacy Program at EWU

- Eastern Washington University









Information on VIRUS and more



-Vill du kontrollera/testa din bredbandskapacitet eller uppkoppling?



The British Computer Society




Animation Library - Over 4000 free animations!!!

For Windows
(Animations via CNET)

Se & Lär
om animationer



Computer Science Division Office
University of California, Berkeley
387 Soda Hall #1776
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776
(510) 642-1042 / FAX: 510-642-5775



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