Janssons frestelse   -   Jansson's Temptation

- One Swedish favorite snack at parties all over Sweden,
especially late in the evening ...

Some people claim it is also a good starter (in the morning) while trying to cure a bad hangover!




-A recipe of sorts, and "a must" together with a nightcap at a Scandinavian party, any time of year...

 ... and it plays a key role on the Swedish 'smörgåsbord'

Janssons frestelse - Jansson's Temptation



lök, gul lök (4 st normal stlk)

green onion, four ea. 

(1 kilo) "normalt stora" 8 - 10 st

potatoes, 8-10 ea.  or 2 lbs.

ansjovis, ca 2 hg  + ansjovisspadet

anchovy, approx  ½ lb 
(use the sauce of the anchovy)

smör, 1 - 1½  matsked

butter, 1 - 1½ tbsp

grädde 3 dl

cream, approx 1¼ cup

225° C i cirka 45 minuter

437° F / 225 degrees Centigrade/
45 minutes

4 servings / 4 portioner

cup= kopp, mugg men även ett mått = 8 fl oz/ 16 tbsp

8 fl oz = 16 tablespoons approx = 23.2 centiliters/-res

-An average size potato by Swedish standards weighs 85 to 100  grams, roughly equal to 3 - 3½ oz (ounces) ea.  

1 ounce (oz.) = 28.4 grams (grammes/Br)

Peel the potatoes and onions.

Grease the casserole, preferably oven-proof glassware, with butter and leave approximately one ounce of butter in the pan.

Chop the onions and make a layer in the bottom of the pan.

Finhacka löken och börja med ett lager lök i botten!

Make a layer of potatoes, cut similar to French Fries (strips).

['French fries'= American and 'potato chips'= British]

Now spread out one layer of anchovies 1-1½ inch apart.

Make another layer of onions.


Make sure you always have a minimum of three layers of potatoes, two layers of onions and two layers of anchovies.

Se till att alltid ha tre lager (skikt) med potatis, två lager med lök och två lager med ansjovis 
(sprattus sprattus, or 'skarpsill' in Swedish)!


Keep an eye on your oven to avoid burning the top layer of potatoes.
 Sometimes it is wise to cover the potatoes with foil (oven-proof aluminum) the last 10 to 15 minutes.  

Håll ett öga på ugnen så du inte bränner översta lagret med potatis.
Ibland kan det vara lämpligt att täcka potatisen med aluminiumfolie de sista 10 till 15 minuterna.

Remember to keep a pair of pot-holders/ kettle-holders handy (nearby), and make sure they are dry. 
 Ha (alltid) ett par torra grytlappar till hands ("tillreds")! 


Beverages to go with Jansson's Temptation: Beer and shot/s of Explorer Vodka, Renat Brännvin, Brännvin eller Skåne Akvavit.
  -Don't chill the beverages as you will lose in taste!

Dryckerna bör icke vara kylda eftersom man vid nedkylning förlorar i både arom & smak!

History: Jansson's frestelse, Jansson's Temptation, goes back to the 1920s
when there was a movie by that name, Janssons frestelse, in which this dish was served. 
Some reserachers claim that it may very well be the opera singer Pelle Janzon
who is to blaim for this dish. He lived in the (mid) 1800s.


Gul lök minskar risken för cancer ...

 Lök minskar risken för cancer

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