En enkel prepositionslista

Prepositions, simple
Enkla prepositioner
about om, omkring, angående, rörande What's it all about? -Do you read (know, gossip, speak, quibble, care) about things like that?
above ovanför, över, mer än above par= över det normala, above (over) 20 tons (tonnes),  She's  completely above suspicion= Hon är höjd över alla misstankar
across mittemot, på andra sidan, på motsatta sidan They live across the street from us. It's always a challenge flying across the Atlantic in a small plane.
after efter  
against mot, emot (ev i kontakt med) Berkeley will play against Pleasanton. Don't lean against this wall!  Are you for or against this proposal?
along längs med, längs, utmed,  efter, Will you go along with that? -Come along! The parade will go along Sir Francis Drake westward.  ..and there were trees along the river bank.
amid under, mitt i det hela Amid the confusion the runaways escaped, again.
among  (amongst) bland , ibland  
around runt, runtom, i närheten av, i omgivningarna av "Rock around the clock" / "round the clock service" /// Ibland kan här spåras  en tendens att "round" är mer ofta än annars en fullbordad cirkel eller rundel medan 'around' är "mer allmänt runt"///
at                                                           @ vid, på, (exakt) Badger Popcorn Co & Supply is located (situated)  at 5513 Femrite Drive in Madison / at 3 pm, at a certain level, at what  price, at the very beginning / You can always call him at 222-7712. /  at times, at intervals (occasionally)
before innan, före  
behind bakom  
below nedanför, under She was still standing on the platform, below the closed window.
beneath under (bör undvikas utom i omnämnda typ av fall) Beneath his cold exterior he is…= Under den kalla ytan är han… / It is beneath her (her dignity)= Det är under hennes värdighet
beside nära, intill Beside the river there was an old corn farm.
besides utom, förutom  
between mellan  
beyond bortom, utöver  
but   * förutom, utom, annan, annat …all but you. He's anything but intelligent! She thinks of nothing but making money. There was nothing to do but obey. There was no one there but her. I can't see anyone but Suzy.
by av, med hjälp av, pga, enligt, i enlighet med by accident, by chance, by a car, shot by partisans
concerning rörande, beträffande  
despite trots  
down  * ner, ned, nedför, nerför,  nedåt, neråt  
during under (om tid)  
except (excepting) utom with the exclusion of; excluding; save; but ("They were all there except me.")
for av, åt, till, för, efter request, anxious, compete, competition, ask,
for no reason, for better or worse, for the hell of it… or waiting for somebody NB - OBS!    bargain or beg for / weep for joy= gråta av glädje / for lack of time= av brist på tid / grope (fumble) for= treva (famla) efter / for all I care… / I've really longed for you! / -This is for you my d. / I have a nose (flair, good ear, memory) for those things. / He wouldn't settle for less= Han nöjde sig inte med mindre. / I'll make room for you over here. / I haven't been there for two years.
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from från, av, ifrån, efter, att döma av, det framgår av, Cheese is made from milk. They die from cold (fatigue). These are from me to you. He knew  this from previous experience.
in i, om (inom, vid tidsuttryck) Did he actually jump into the water or was he simply jumping in the water? She deals in fabrics= Hon handlar med tyger (textilier). I'll go back in two weeks from now.  in due time, …in due course= in the proper or natural order, at the right time
inside inuti, i  
into in i, ned i  
like   in like manner with= similarly to, in the manner characteristic of, "to work like a beaver"
near nära near the edge, near death
of av kind (nice, good, unwise) of you to help, the color of her hair, he's of medium height, least of all 
off av (avbruten, itu, avstigen, avskild från, avstigen etc), bort från, ur Get off the bus! -He broke off my left forefinger. …that's off Van Ness Ave
on Come late on Friday! It's on the 21st.       / on the face of it= av första intrycket att döma / on religious grounds= av religiösa skäl / on principle= av princip / on time= punctually, for a designated period, involving the extension of credit (to purchase on time)
onto upp (sitta upp) to a place or position on;  upon; on; "to get onto a horse"
outside utanför  
over  * över, före, framför, under have (take) precedence over= ha företräde framför, gain an advantage or edge over (on)= vinna en fördel framför; She went over her notes= Hon gick igenom sina anteckningar. Over the last couple of years…=Under de senaste åren… What in the world has come over you? Vad i hela världen har det tagit åt dig?
per per capita, per annum (annually) "Give me 200  @  $2.50 ea (each)"   // OBS! Jfr svenskan!
regarding beträffande, rörande  
save (except, but) utom except, but, save
since sedan  
through genom  
throughout överallt i, hela…igenom, throughout the 19th century; throughout her life; throughout the day; throughout the world
till  * till  
to                 @ till, enligt I'm going to La Mesilla on Thursday./ owing to= på grund av / say goodbye to sb/ A serious drawing must be made to scale. You draw a house to scale. /married to= gift med / älska med, ligga med, ha samlag med= make love to (with) / related to= släkt med / pay attention to= visa  hänsyn mot (ta hänsyn till)
toward (towards) mot, i riktning mot He's walking toward the liquor store.  His visit will improve their attitudes toward abortion.
until förrän, till, tills  
under  * under (Används icke om tidsuttryck!) Se vidare 'during' Under the circumstances… Under the table…
underneath inunder, under The invoice had been pushed underneath the rug in front of the open fireplace by mistake.
up upp  
upon   up and on; upward so as to get or be on; in an elevated position on; on in any of various senses
with,  w/ med He was faced with bankruptcy = Han stod inför bankrutt (konkurs) ekonomisk katastrof. / älska med, ligga med, ha samlag med= sleep with
within inom "Be there within the hour!"
without,  w/o utan "She was without any doubt the most gracious girl you ever saw!" // Look, the streaker! He's running without clothes.//



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