om, omkring, angående, rörande, för

 What's it all about? -Do you read (know, gossip, speak, quibble, care) about things like that?


ovanför, över, mer än

 above par= över det normala, above (over) 20 tons (tonnes), She's completely above suspicion= Hon är höjd över alla misstankar


mittemot, på andra sidan, på motsatta sidan, tvärs, tvärs över,  vågrät

 They live across the street from us. It's always a challenge flying across the Atlantic in a small plane.


NB. "look after"= se efter, sköta om

 after a while, after her introduction, one after the other, she took after him, the police were after his mother, 
It's 10 after 2  (AmE)= 10 past 2 (BrE)


mot, emot, (ev i kontakt med)

 Berkeley will play against Pleasanton. Don't lean against this wall!  Are you for or against this proposal?

along *

längs med, längs, utmed, efter

 Come along! The parade will go along Sir Francis Drake westward.  ...and there were trees along the river bank.


under, mitt i det hela

 Amid the confusion the runaways escaped, again.

among (amongst)

bland, ibland

He hid among the bushes. 


runt, runtom, i närheten av, i omgivningarna av

 "Rock around the clock" / "round the clock service" /// Ibland kan här spåras en tendens att "round" är mer ofta än annars en fullbordad cirkel eller rundel medan 'around' är "mer allmänt runt"///

at,  @

vid, hos, hemma hos, på, i (exakt)

 Badger Popcorn Co & Supply is (located) at 5513 Femrite in Madison / at 3 pm, at a certain level, at what price, at the very beginning / You can always call him at 222-7712. / at times, at intervals (occasionally) / They are likely to do such things at that age./


innan, före

 before our very eyes, the priest before the altar
He put the cart before the horse.



 We were all behind him in finishing the job.


nedanför, under

 She was still standing on the platform, below the closed window.


(bör undvikas utom i omnämnda typ av fall)

 Beneath his cold exterior he is…= Under den kalla ytan är han…  It's beneath her (her dignity)= Det är under hennes värdighet


nära, intill

 Beside the river there was an old corn farm.


utom, förutom

 with the exclusion of; excluding; save; but ("They were all there except me.")



The bus ran regularly between El Paso and San  Francisco.


bortom, utöver

 beyond the mountains, beyond comparison

but  * (without)

NB. Not to be confused with the conjunction  'but' !

förutom, utom, annan, annat 
OBS! Ej att förväxla med konjunktionen 'men' ! 

 no one but me (I)
She thinks of nothing but making money. 


av, med, medelst, med hjälp av, pga, enligt, i enlighet med, vid, nära, bredvid

 by air, by rail, by law, play by ear, go by bus, by God, lead somebody by the nose,  ready by Friday


rörande, angående, beträffande

 Concerning  (regarding, as regards) her  request, we are pleased to inform you that...



down  *

ner, ned, nedför, nerför, nedåt, neråt

 downwards along, from top to bottom of,  at a lower part of,  down the wind (with it)


under (om tid)

except (excepting)

utom, förutom, med undantag av

 I know nothing about her except that she is a sales person (in sales).


av, till, åt, för, efter



'for' uttrycker också riktning mot ett omnämnt mål: 
sailed for Cuba
leave for Boston
left Sweden for Australia

 request, anxious, compete, competition, ask, bargain or beg for   weep for joy= gråta av glädje,   for lack of time= av brist på tid  grope (fumble) for= treva (famla) efter 
 for all I care… 
  I've really longed for you! 
 -This is for you my d.      I have a nose (flair, good ear, memory) for those things. 
  He wouldn't settle for less= Han nöjde sig inte med mindre.     I'll make room for you over here.   I haven't been there for two years.


från, av,  ifrån, efter, att döma av, det framgår av

 He was a good man from birth to death.


i, om, på (inom, vid tidsuttryck)


blind in one eye

in what way


It's 20 ft. in length.

 Did he actually jump into the water or was he simply jumping in the water like a madman? 
 She deals in fabrics= Hon handlar med tyger (textilier).
  I'll go back in two weeks from now.
  …in due time, …in due course= in the proper or natural order, at the right time // 
  In those days...=På den tiden... ("in a while crocodile")


inuti, i, "inombords"

 He felt sick inside.


in i, ned i

till: translate from one language into another

 Don't jump into the water when it's frozen,  or you might kill yourself.
 Sometimes it is possible to translate English into Swedish and still make sense.


  (It would be like him... = Det  vore likt honom...) (likt, lik)

 in like manner with= similarly to, in the manner characteristic of, "to work like a beaver"



 near the edge, near death


av  (OBS! många gånger används 'of' i en genitivkstr som svenskan saknar)

 kind (nice, good, unwise) of you to help, the color of her hair, he's of medium height, least of all 


av (avbruten, itu, avstigen, avskild från  etc), bort från, ur

 Get off the bus!  -He broke off my left forefinger. …that's off Van Ness Ave


på, ovanpå, vid, i, tvärtom, tvärtemot, motsatt 

He'd been hit on the head more than once already at an early age.

She was waiting on customers at Sam's in Tiburon  when I met her.

Come late on Friday! It's on the 21st. 
  on the face of it= av första intrycket att döma 
 on religious grounds= av religiösa skäl 
on principle= av princip 
 on time= punctually, for a designated period, involving the extension of credit 
 (to purchase on time)
  on the contrary


upp (sitta upp)

 to a place or position on; upon; on; "to get onto a horse"


She ran out the door.



 Let's just put the garbage outside the door.
 As he wasn't very popular, he was always outside the group.

over  *

Stay over Christmas

rule, reign, prevail over

cry over, trip over

the struggle/dispute  (disagreement) over the West Bank

över, före, framför, under

 Stanna över julen

härska, regera (triumfera), få övertaget över

gråta över, snava (snubbla) över

kampen/tvisten (oenigheten) om Västbanken

have (take) precedence over= ha företräde framför,
 gain an advantage or edge over (on)= vinna en fördel framför

 She went over her notes= Hon gick igenom sina anteckningar.

 Over the last couple of years… =Under de senaste åren… 

 What in the world has come over you? Vad i hela världen har det tagit åt dig?

past (time or position)

efter, förbi

10 past 2 / 10 after 2; It's after midnight

/ It's past midnight (beyond in time & after; beyond in position & further on than)


per capita  (per each)
per annum (annually)

"Give me 200 @ $2.50 ea (each)"

// OBS! Jfr svenskan!


beträffande, rörande

Regarding  (concerning) your inquiry...

save (except, but)


 forty stripes save one



-I've been around since 1949. 



She left through my bedroom window just before dawn.

through thick & thin= under all conditions
(= i alla lägen, i vått som torrt) 


överallt i,  hela...igenom

throughout the 19th century; throughout her life; throughout the day; throughout the world

till  * (up to, as late as)

NB. Not to be confused with the conjunction or noun!


OBS! Icke att förväxla med konjunktionen eller substantivet 'till'!

waited till his return, 

 till death do us part

to  ( @ )




NB. 'to' also used as sign of infinitive


till, enligt, på





 OBS!  Blanda icke ihop prepositionen 'to' med infinitivmärket  'to' =  att


 I'm going to La Mesilla on Thursday.
/ owing to= på grund av
/ say goodbye to sb 

 A serious drawing must be made to scale.
You draw a house to scale. 
 married to= gift med,

make love to (with)=   älska  med, ligga med, ha samlag med

  related to= släkt med,
 pay attention to= visa hänsyn mot (ta hänsyn till) 
the solution to my problem/ 

toward (towards)

mot, i riktning mot

He's walking toward the liquor store. His visit will improve their attitudes toward abortion.


förrän, till, tills

under  *

under (icke om tid) 
 Se vidare 'during'

 Under the circumstances… Under the table…


inunder, under

 The invoice had been pushed underneath the rug in front of the open fireplace by mistake.




uppå, på, vid, 

 up and on; upward so as to get or be on; in an elevated position on; on in any of various senses 

with,  w/

med, av, på

 He was faced with bankruptcy = Han stod inför bankrutt (konkurs) ekonomisk katastrof. / älska med, ligga med, ha samlag med= sleep with / tremble with fear/ angry with



 "Be there within the hour!"

without,  w/o


 "She was without any doubt the most gracious little creature you ever saw!" // Look, the streaker! He's without clothes.//



according to

enligt, i enlighet med

 according to the documents/ in accordance with the documents

ahead of

framför (i t ex en kö),
före (också i betydelsen att vara bättre och då som adverb)

 He's way ahead of me; They are up ahead;
NB She's ahead of her class.

along with

 in company with, in conjunction with

as for / as to

beträffande, vad gäller

 with respect to / See 'because'

aside from

bortsett från, frånsett

 excluding, apart from, except for

away from

 NB. away from= absent (=adjective) 
 She swam gracefully away from the pier.

because of

 Because of these allegations… / Because of this weather…

by means of

med, med hjälp av,
genom någons försorg

 the instrumentality of

by way of


Han nickade på huvudet till svar.

 by way of joke,  be by way of knowing everybody
(profess or be supposed to) 
 He nodded his head by way of (an) answer.

contrary to

tvärtemot, motsatt

contrary to order 

down from

 She dropped down from the roof of the bus to the ground.

down to

 After paying for the snacks he was down to his last nickel.

due to

p g a, på grund av  (genom)

 due to circumstances

exclusive of

förutom, utom (exklusive)

for fear of

av rädsla för

 for fear of losing my life

for the sake of

 for the sake of liberty= för frihetens skull

in accordance with

enligt, i enlighet med,
i överenstämmelse  med

in addition to

förutom, "uppepå detta"

 in additon to VAT there's a particular local sales tax re. liquor

in back of

bak, i bakdelen av, i bakre delen av, bakom

in behalf of

in case of 

ifall, om, i händelse av,
i den händelse

in favor of

för, rösta för, positiv till,
till fördel för

 I'm in favor of production based taxes 

in front of

framför, mitt för, mitt utanför

in regard to

in spite of


 We're glad we went, in spite of what we saw.

in view of

med tanke på

 In view of all Internet sites lacking  their own capital and assets, I can't find any single reason  spilling more milk...
 In view of  the European development re. beef  and the farming industry, we should really put our money elsewhere.

on account of

 because of, by reason of, for the sake of, 
 a statement of transactions

out of

ut  ur, ur, fram (ta fram etc), utan

 He pulled a gun out of his vest pocket. He's out of work.

out with

 He had a falling out with her father over money matters.

owing to

på grund av,  p g a,  p.g.a.

pertaining to

hänförande till

regardless of


 regardless of race, color and creed…

with reference to

med hänvisning till, hänvisande till

with regard  to


with respect to

med hänsyn till

with the exception of

med undantaget, undantaget




orsak (=reason, cause, why):  by, due to, for, from, in, of, on, out of, owing to, though, with

byte, utbyte, växling (=change, exchange, replacement): for, on, with

riktning & rörelse (=direction, aim,  motion, going or moving where etc): across, along, at, by, down, for, from, in, into, off, on, out of, over, past, through, to, towards, up

avsikt, syfte, ändamål (=purpose & intention): for, in, on, with

AmE * on the weekend

BrE * at the weekend

AmE * in a city, town or village and in a  country 
 but at a certain place

BrE * at a city, town or village   and at a certain place but in large cities & countries

AmE * in a city, town or village

BrE * at a city, town or village

AmE * on a team

BrE * in a team

AmE * please write me soon

BrE * please write to me soon

Det finns enkla och sammansatta prepositioner. Ibland hänvisas i grammatisk facklitteratur till 'Single' or 'Simple Prepositions' & 'Compound' eller 'Complex Prepositions'. Har du för avsikt att ägna särskild tid och kraft åt studier av prepositioner så bör du vara bevandrad i terminologin alternativt du kommer inte att få ett tillräckligt underlag för en fördjupning i ämnet. Svensk litteratur i ämnet engelska med inriktning på prepositioner är inte alltid särskilt uttömmande ur engelsk synpunkt. 

There are single (simple) and compound (complex) prepositions. Make sure you are aware of the  terminology.
Complex (compound) prepositions consist of two- or three-word combinations acting as a single unit.
Look at these 2-word combination examples: according to, along with, apart from, because of, contrary to, due to, except for, instead of, prior to, regardless of.
3-word combinations  might look like this: Single (Simple) Preposition + Noun + Single (Simple) Preposition.
Examples: in aid of, on behalf of, in front of, in accordance with, in line with, in relation to, with reference to, with respect to, by means of. These combinations also come before a noun.   

A Stranded Preposition is simply a preposition left a bit off-side: 
 Those are the cars Henry talked about.
That's the incident with the tail-light Andrea thought of.