Choose the Right Preposition

He has a talent ____ painting.

I voted ____ him in the last election.

He failed ____ many reasons.

He was bedridden ____ 8½ months.

In this climate you'd better put the beer ___ fridge, not on top of it.

She felt as if she were ____ the frying pan and the fire.

He was putting rafters _____ the roof.

Cheating on examinations was ____ him.

When she changed her plans that September day,

I didn't know what was ____ her mind.

He always kept the cleanser and dish-brushes __ the sink.

The final bill came ____ fifty-five dollars.  

They ran ____ the door.

The detective was ____ my track.

The river rose ____ its banks.

We actually tried to change lead __ gold.

That was _____ the 80s, mind you.

He was happy _____ his entire life.

Cadillac Bar is _______ the street from here.

Like a good banker, I hate to part ___ my money.

Cowboy Tex, which of course wasn't his real name, always drove _____the speed limits.

I swam ______the Colorado River, all the way to Grand Canyon.

Prep Ex One


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