A request är en begäran...



Let's look at a sample letter, a request for payment.





Dear Mrs Hoversham


After reviewing our accounts we find that your account is three months overdue.

Enclosed is a copy of the statement.

Our Mr. Solid is a little concerned that the bill has not yet been paid. Perhaps you would like to discuss it with him.

Please call Mr Solid at your earliest convenience.



Sandy Lingerly

Ms Sandy Lingerly

Secretarial Assistant



Enclosure: Statement



A request är en begäran...



Let's look at another sample letter, a request for offer.





Dear Sirs/Gentlemen


Leather Belts

We are both wholesale and retail dealers in men's wear and are interested in the belts you manufacture. We believe these belts can become quite attractive on our Swedish market, especially together with a new line of jeans we are marketing here. Your address was given to us by a company in Lubbock, Tx during a visit there two weeks ago.

We believe there's a great potential in marketing your belts throughout Scandinavia. Therefore we would like to place an order with you for 400 belts as soon as possible. The belts should be of at least five various models or designs.

We would be very grateful if you could let us know by e-mail or fax if you are able to deliver this quantity before the end of April this year.

Please send us an offer in USD or EURO within short.

We are looking forward to your reply with great interest.



Faithfully yours



Samuel Langhorne Pettersson

Samuel Langhorne Pettersson

General Manager














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