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ABC Company
Street Address
City, State Zip
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Date prepared: ______________
Valid until: _________________
Quotation No: _________________

Prepared for: _______________________________________________________



Number of units

Unit price





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$ -




$ -




$ -




$ -




$ -




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$ -


Terms & Conditions:


Prepared by: _____________________________________________________________










PURCHASING - Contracts - Welcome-New Supplier



[Business/Organization Name]
[City, State ZIP]
Dear [ ]

With the signing of the enclosed contract, we would like to welcome you as a supplier to our company. We have a high demand for quality and no tolerance for error. Based on our research, that also describes your firm. We are glad to be doing business with you. [Name] will be your primary contact for all incoming materials and orders. If you have a question about payment, contact [name] in our accounting office. [He/she] will help you sort the matter out. Again, welcome aboard. If there is anything we can do to help facilitate this new relationship, please do not hesitate to ask.





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A Sample Offer


Dear Mr Smart

Thank you for your letter of May 22 in which you inquire about steel bumpers for terrain vehicles.

By separate mail we're sending you pictures and drawings of two  different models.

The particulars are:

Description                100% steel, 10' x 7" x 2"
Price USD 879/ea when buying 10+
Terms of delivery fas NYC
Mode of delivery by ship
Packing in wooden cases 10' x 8" x 3"
Time of delivery 6-7 weeks
Terms of payment Cash against Documents


Additional information is given in the enclosed brochures.

We are looking forward to your response in this matter.

This offer is valid through August 15 2002.



Truly yours,


P T Steering

Sales Manager












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