-Hi there! Where are you going?

Descriptions & Directions ... riktning, kompassriktning eller är det din mentala kompass som styr?

Person, Item, Place & How to get there




Now here are a few simple words and phrases to help you along the tiresome but refreshing road of trying to pinpoint an accurate/exact/positive description or identification. Now the majority of words are missing of course and now is the time to start practicing. Decide a couple of "target samples" for each of the different categories below!


1) Person: height, weight, Caucasian, hair, nose, eyes, eyebrows, built, thin, fat, bald, complexion, scars, speech, looks, movements, limping ...?


2) Item: type of item, shape, size, weight, color, wrapping ...?


3) Place: location, town square, Italian restaurant, sports arena, race track, village, town, city, suburb, port, "boondocks", farmland, plains, flatland, lakeside, lake view,  ocean view, scenery, hilly, mountainous, freeway (motorway), highway, roads, streets, a stop sign, industrial area, a sawmill,  a supermarket,  waterfront, a harbor, docks, warehouse, a plant, building, house, apartment building (block of flats), a two-storied house (storeyed, Br), a two-story house having 2 stories/floors,   a house, a bungalow,  forest (large tract of land covered with trees),
wood (large collection of growing trees) & woods, grove (a small wood or plantation of trees)...?


4) Directions (= How to get there): distance, uphill, downhill, crossroads, railroad/railway tracks, railroad/railway crossing (RR), traffic-lights, turns, paved or gravel road, highway (= landsväg, riksväg etc.), freeway/motorway/Interstate Hwy/country road, 1st or 2nd to the left, around the block, straight on, stay in the right lane, tall/high  building on your right, church on your left, dead end street, alley, loading docks ... ?

... and the afternoon rush hour starts around 3:30 pm and that might put you in a standstill (traffic jam/traffic holdup, Br) ... morning rush hours are between 6:15 and 9:30 am ...



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