Nypon - rosehip  






syn - Nyper, njupon, jupon, törnebuske, nypetorn, vipentorn, sömntorn, sömnros, rosa, hyvenbär, hypa, hypen, göper, klonger, bärbuske 

1) Äppelros, nyponros, luktnypon
2) Stenros, nyponros, vildros, törnros
3) Hartsros
4) Vresros 
5) Köttnypon, nyponros
6) Kanelros, smörnypon



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dog rose - nyponros (botanic)



Musk rose  
1) Eglantine, sweet briar, wild briar, pimpernel rose
2) Dog rose, wild rose, wild briar, hip rose




One serious problem here is simply the pronunciation and sometimes of course the confusion that goes with it: Swedish 'nypon' - English 'Nippon' as English doesn't have a long voiced 'y' as Swedish there's a major obstacle here.

'Nippon of course meaning the native name of Japan= great land of the rising sun.


At a business lunch in Sweden, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, trying to impose or introduce the outstanding dessert consisting of lukewarm rosehip soup with vanilla ice cream and grated hazel-nuts might create more than an obstacle.


1) Lindman: Bilder ur Nordens flora (1901-1905): Luktnypon
2) Den virtuella floran: Stenros
4) Den virtuella floran: Vresros
5) Den virtuella floran: Köttnypon


rose, more of a regular kind




nypa & nypas - pinch

nyp - pinch


"ett nyp"
(vardagligt uttryck - a Swedish slang expression) - a quickie, bang, have a bang; an occasional & impulsive act of sexual intercourse including a man & a woman, an act based upon a mutual and temporary attraction of two individuals of opposite sexes



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English  'rose' (a kind flower)=  Swedish 'ros' (en sorts blomma)

English  'hip' (from the waist to the thigh)=  Swedish 'höft' (del av kroppen mellan midja & lår)
[ English  'hip' används även som modeord = cool, trendigt inne,  festlig, häftig, etc - to be hip]






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