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Studier utomlands
Studier abroad (English info pdf)



 ...broschyr som tar upp vilka förmåner du
(som är försäkrad i Sverige och arbetar eller flyttar eller vistas utomlands) kan ha rätt till..   



Sweden-UK links (for Swedish students in Britain/England/London) Guide to Financial Aid


The College Board     A Starting Point?



Schools and Universities
A Guide to a Number of Schools






Home Scholarstuff - Colleges, Universities, Graduate Schools, Fraternities, College Chat and Higher Education Resources ...

 S-Cool! - Offers free study guides for everyone in UK education. They provide many revision articles and questions, help with CV's, discussions and even recommend student bank accounts. GCSE subjects on the site currently include Maths, Biology, English, Geography, Chemistry and PE. The A Level revision subjects include Maths, Sciences, English Literature, Economics, History plus more. A well designed site with lots to offer. 

 Sixth form
UK - An excellent resource for those studying for AS/A2 or Vocational A Levels.  This site provides free information and has possibly everything you need to know about higher education in the UK.  Forget the expensive books, the site gives in-depth detail about courses and even has some career options. For language students, a translator powered by "" will be a helpful homework tool.

 Cleveland Institute of Electronics - The Cleveland Institute of Electronics is the World Leader in Electronics Education.  They will send you a free Electronics Symbols Handbook and course catalog. The catalog contains information on the Associate Degree Program and a selection of specialized Career Courses including the new computer programming course.

 Fast Web
- Get accurate, updated information on scholarships, grants, and fellowships, all at absolutely no cost. Fast Web is the only scholarship search service that allows students to apply online through the e-scholarship program. They have over 400,000 scholarships worth over $1 billion.

 The Learning Network
- An open resource for students who want to browse through materials and order them as needed. They can also sign up for courses and get full information. Online tutors are waiting to take any questions about the courses or support materials and will answer questions free of charge.

 Freeserve Revision
- The revision site made by the popular UK ISP, Freeserve attempts to make Maths and other subjects fun. They offer numerous quizzes on each topic and cover Science, English and Maths. All age groups are catered for including younger pupils. The online revision guides are very helpful and you can test your understanding with their small tests.

Homework Quiz
  - A free service  ...
 "Many studies have suggested that students who identify their learning styles can use the information to improve comprehension and memory.
 This quiz is a beginning."

 A-Level Revision
- Covers many of the main A-Level subjects in an easy to navigate website. Ideal for brushing up on a certain subject or for finding links to other useful resources. Just some of the subjects that the site covers are Chemistry, Biology, Geography.

- Aims to provide an alternative approach to traditional learning in the classroom. The site will appeal to children, parents and teachers and has a fast search engine that searches for educational links by age group. The site covers Art, Physics, Economics and many more topics.

 British Columbia College of Teachers
   - Becoming a teacher ...
"We are the professional self-regulatory body for more than 75,000 licensed educators in British Columbia.
 We set and enforce standards for professional educators" ...

 Atlapedia Online
- Provides are wide range of facts about countries across the globe and gives you access to an A-Z country guide. Atlapedia Online also has a large collection of world maps with attractive graphics and clip art. Ideal for Geography homework.
- Award winning website that has a large collection of mathematics and English tutorials. They provide handy tips, past exam papers, model answers and exam techniques plus syllabuses and downloadable revision notes. The site is updated almost every day and is an excellent resource for exam practice.

- From the same people who brought you Soccernet, Schoolsnet is an online guide to schools and universities in the UK. The A-Z schools guide covers primary and secondary schools in each region, giving in-depth coverage on each individual school. This is the ideal guide for parents who have children starting or transferring schools. They also offer a discussion forum and classroom resources section. This site, which will appeal more to older children and parents, is probably the most complete UK educational site on the net.





 Student Services
More about scholarships, grants, fellowships and loans
CSN-Centrala Studiemedelsnämnden, Sverige (Sweden)-Information on loans, allowances & financial support in Sweden.


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